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Raul Lozano 
Founder and Executive Director
Pepino Enthusiast

Raul Lozano is the executive director for Valley Verde. Valley Verde’s mission is to develop and support programs that improve the health of Santa Clara County residents and empower them with the knowledge and skills to provide locally grown, organic vegetables for their families and communities. We accomplish this by: 1) teaching gardening and healthy eating skills that meet each family’s cultural needs, 2) fostering a sense of community as gardeners, 3) raising awareness of health and environmental issues, and 4) creating leadership and entrepreneurship opportunities to revitalize low-income communities.


Ana Beatriz Lemus-Monterola
Greenhouse Manager
Passion Fruit Enthusiast

Beatriz graduated from Santa Clara University with a degree in Environmental Studies. She is passionate about growing organic seedlings and sharing the wonders of gardening with others. Her experience at the Forge Garden inspired her to find a path in urban agriculture. She believes that we should know where our food comes from, and how our daily food choices affect the environment and the food system. She is excited to be at Valley Verde growing food for low-income families and growing ethnically appropriate seedlings that our communities can benefit from. Favorite veggie: Tomates!


Vanessa Caustrita
Program Coordinator, San Jose Home Garden Program
Chicharo and Yarrow Enthusiast

Vanessa grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles in a small town called Azusa, CA. As a recent graduate from Santa Clara University, she majored in Environmental Studies and developed a strong passion for environmental justice issues. She previously worked for the California Native Garden Foundation, another gardening nonprofit located in San Jose, as the community outreach director and Nature Camp manager. Vanessa believes that gardening is a great source for increasing physical, mental, and overall personal health. If she isn’t visiting the home gardens around San Jose, she is brewing a nice cup of tea and practicing yoga.


Hector Maldonado
Program Coordinator, Gilroy Home Garden Program
Platano Enthusiast

On weekdays you can catch him working at our Finca but on weekends you might run into him trying to identify or photograph a wildflower off of a trail-head. Hector graduated from Santa Clara University with a degree in Environmental Science. His passion for organic gardening comes from his love for working with plants and an interest in studying sustainability, health, and biodiversity as each relates to agriculture. He hopes to use organic gardening as a tool to develop a sense of community and an awareness of environmental issues with the families he works with in Gilroy.


Macario “Numero Uno” Ortiz