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Mon - Friday 9.00 AM - 5:00 PM
Closed Sat. and Sun.

Our Workshops

Valley Verde offers monthly workshops throughout the year to help the gardeners deal with various gardening challenges and share best practices. In class workshops, hands on training and do it yourself methodology are incorporated.

Training includes also cooking demos and sharing information on nutrition and the health benefits of a diet that’s heavy in fresh vegetables. Class meals offered by Valley Verde are created to emphasize the growing epidemic of diabetes and high blood pressure in our communities and with VV participants. Ingredients used to prepare meals are based with organic, local seasonal vegetables and the least cost and time effective. Recipes are distributed to each participant at the end of each workshop.


Orientation and Preparation in Establishing a Healthy Sustainable Garden

  • Introduce ideology of sustainable organic gardening

*IPM, Home Composting, Watering Wisely, Creating a healthy Ecosystem


Maintaining Organic Home Spring/Summer Garden

  • Caring for young seedlings
  • Organic Spring/Summer Garden Problem Home Prepared Solutions
  • How to Water Wisely-Mulching
  • Tomato, Cucumbers, Squash Pruning, trellising
  • Harvesting Spring/Summer Garden Vegetables


Preparing Organic Home Garden to Plant Fall/Winter Garden

  • Harvest all fruits from remaining plants
  • Transplanting perennials; Tomato, Chile Pepper plants
  • Homemade Fertilizer
  • Plant Fall/Winter Garden
  • Organic Fall/Winter Garden Problems and Solutions


  • Program Graduation