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Diverse seedlings for a diverse community​​

With the intention of providing our Home Gardening program families with the possibility of growing culturally appropriate food, Valley Verde started cultivating ethnic seedlings in the community greenhouse, this effort is helping them to eat healthily, and giving them the possibility of teaching their children how to prepare their heritage food, passing down culture and love for healthy meals.​

"When people are trying to eat better, going back to their culture's foods is the best way to commit to what they're doing, because the commitment is more than weight loss or heart health – it's also a commitment to their own roots."

Erika Nicole Kendall​

Now, with commercial-quality ethnic seedlings available, we are ready to offer them to the broader community, so that you can explore and celebrate the diversity by growing, cooking and enjoying ethnic vegetable's flavors, colors and unique properties.


To learn about the varieties available, the cultivation process and FAQ download our Catalog below.

- Compostable planting pot coming soon - 

Buy One. Give One.

With the purchase of a Valley Verde seedling subscription program, you contribute to the empowerment and development of low-income communities in the South Bay, providing access to culturally preferred vegetables, environmental education and edible gardens. 

Plant - Eat - Share 

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