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Bull's Blood has tender, sweet, dark red, almost burgundy foliage. The earliest thinnings spark up spring and fall salads with a leaf color as richly dark red as radicchio. As the roots enlarge, the baby beets are also delicious cooked and mixed with salad. The small sweet red roots are best when harvested young. This plant is native to Europe, Asia, and Mediterranean regions. 

Root: Beets - Bull's Blood

  • Sow depth: 1/2 in

    Plant spacing: 3 in 

    Row spacing: 12 in-18 in

    Sun: Full sun

    Temperature: 50 F-80 F

    Water needs: 1 in of water per week

    Days to maturity: 40-52 days

    Maturity spread: 2-3 inches

    Maturity height: 8 in-18 in

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