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  • This variety of Chinese cucumber is a delightful addition to any vegetable garden. Producing cucumbers with a thin skin and slightly sweet flesh, that are hardly ever bitter, this cucumber is great for fresh eating, and can be used in salads, sandwiches, and dips! Harvest early anf often.

    Cucumber: Suyo Long

    SKU: CS80
    • Planting: When temperatures are consistently above 60°F  plant your seedlings 18" to 26" apart in direct sun in rich soil (for best results, amend soil with compost 2 weeks prior to planting).  Watch for cucumber beetles which feed on the foliage and transmit diseases, also keep an eye out for aphids, spider mites, and powdery mildew.

      Watering: Cucumbers need consistent, deep watering for the best success. Water frequently and deeply when first transplanted to prevent transplant shock, and once well established water deeply and often enough so that the soil is consistently moist, but not soggy (try 3x per week and adjust as needed)

      Harvesting: Harvest early and often to encourage increased formation of fruit. Ideally, harvest fruits once they reach between 10" and 18" in length. Keep an eye out for harvestable cucumbers everyday, as these plants are notorious for increasing fruit size drastically when left on the plant beyond peak harvest windows. Always cut the fruit off of the vine, as pulling can damage vines, and leave about an inch of stem on the fruit, to help maintain freshness.

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