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  • A compact, mounded variety of nasturtium that produces beautiful blooms in a variety of warm orange and red tones (depending on the seedling you get, a happy surprise!) and green foliage with cream colored variegations. Not only does this beautiful flower help protect your garden from pests, but it is also edible! Use the spicy flowers to bring a pop of color to salads and drinks, stuff them with soft cheese and serve as an appetizer, or dice them and add into butter to create a lovely floral compound butter. The peppery tasting leaves can also be eaten in salads or be blended into pestos for a unique flavor!

    Annual variety, grows well in early spring, late summer, and early fall.

    *Photo is for reference only*

    Flower: Nasturtium - Alaska Mix

    SKU: FNA134
    • Planting: Space plants 8"-12" apart in full sun or part shade, in well-draining soil, do not amend the soil with a high-nitrogen fertilizer, as high nitrogen content in soils can promote more leafy green growth than floral growth (soil can be amended with good quality compost prior to planting however).

      Watering: keep soil evenly moist.

      Harvesting: harvest the flowers once fully open, harvest the leaves at any time.

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