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Volunteer Opportunities 

Help us build a more resilient community food system in Santa Clara County.

We have opportunities for everyone to have fun, learn something new, and be a part of our revolution of food justice and sustainability!

What to expect? 

If volunteering onsite at a weekly workday or at a corporate event, you might help with:

  • Sowing seeds 

  • Transplanting vegetable seedlings 

  • Seed saving

  • Building, planting, and maintaining our  on-site gardens

  • Maintaining our compost operations

  • Creating artwork for our community spaces

  • Taking photos or video at events 

  • And more!

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We strive to make our volunteer opportunities as accessible and fulfilling as possible. If you have specific ways you'd like to contribute to Valley Verde, unique skills you'd like to share, or would prefer to volunteer remotely, please let us know when you fill out the volunteer application or come by our Homeland Nursery. We appreciate all support and interest!

**Allergen Alert**
We have a beehive onsite, so please take caution and bring with you any relevant medication.

You are planning to volunteer...

Individual & Small Group

Individuals and non-corporate groups (up to 5 people per group)

Volunteers are welcomed on-site at our Homeland Nursery every week on Thursday and Friday, 10 AM-12 PM and 1 PM-3 PM. Volunteers may attend for any amount of time. We appreciate your support!

Please wear closed-toed shoes and bring a hat, sunscreen, and water for yourself as needed. While advance registration isn’t required, we ask that you still fill out the application form before beginning your volunteer work. This helps us get to know you, keep in touch, and keep track of volunteer hours.

Sign up with the application form above, and a member of our team will connect with you shortly!

You will also receive our newsletter with updated information about our programs and events!

If you have questions, concerns, or are coordinating a corporate volunteer event, you can contact us by emailing .

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Corporate Volunteer Workday & Sponsorship

Volunteer with us to get your workplace involved with a local food justice organization!


Due to the high demand of volunteer workday events, we require corporate groups to pay 50% of the sponsorship level (based on your group size) to reserve their workday. This will be eligible for a full refund if canceled 2 weeks in advance. The remainder of the tax-deductible donation is due on the workday.


To schedule a volunteer workday with your company, please email 

Corporate sponsorships are critical for us to achieve our mission. The donations help pay for community workshops, supplies, and other items that may not qualify for specific grant expenses, but are imperative as we strive to realize our goals of food sovereignty.


Check out the tax-deductible corporate sponsorship levels below:



 Questions? Please email

Soil Level -  $250+

- 3 hour workday with up to 5 people


Seed Level - $500+

- 3 hour workday with up to 10 people

- Feature on all of our social media pages 

Seedling Level - $1000+

- 3 hour workday with up to 15 people

- Feature on all of our social media pages

- Feature in our monthly newsletter 

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