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Locations in San Jose, CA

  • Betty Ann Gardens (North San Jose)

Betty Ann Gardens is an affordable housing community that Valley Verde worked with before and built 18 raised beds on-site in 2013. Betty Ann Gardens provides 76 one, two, three and four-bedroom Family Apartments in San Jose’s Berryessa District. In 2019, Valley Verde is working with 14 families and providing gardening and composting workshops in English and Spanish.


  • Parisi House on the Hill (South San Jose)​​


Parisi House on the Hill is a new home garden program with Valley Verde. Parisi House on the Hill is Santa Clara County’s first women-with-children residential alcohol and drug treatment facility where they offer a unique treatment program addresses the specific needs of parenting women, pregnant women, and women with newborn-5 years of age. Partnering with Valley Verde’s Home Garden program and teaching these women how to garden will contribute to the PHH’s vision to help these women return to a community as a clean and sober family, able to cope with the major issues in their lives, and have a high sense of self-worth and positive family values.


  • El Rancho Verde Apartments (East San Jose)

El Rancho Verde Home Garden program is implemented at an affordable housing community – one of the largest housing community in the state with about 700 units for low-income families in San Jose. In 2018, Valley Verde worked with 20 households and built 20 raised bed gardens.


In 2019, Valley Verde will work with another 30 households and a total of 30 raised beds. The majority of the cohort is Vietnamese speaking with a few English and Spanish speakers. This is the group grew more Asian / ethnic vegetables such as Asian mustard greens, Asian broccoli and pak choi in 2018 and will plant other ethnic vegetables this spring including Thai Chile, Okra, and Asian Eggplant.


  • Santee (South San Jose)

In partnership with the Santa Clara County Catholic Charities, the new Santee Home Garden program is a group of 35 raised beds and fruit trees nestled behind Bridges Academy Middle School in the Santee neighborhood of San Jose. This program would not have been possible without the efforts of a Home Garden graduate from 2018 who took the initiative to organize the classes to provide the gardening knowledge and resources she had received to this community. The garden workshops will be taught to 20 Spanish speaking gardeners in the area.


  • Seven Trees Home Gardeners (South San Jose)

The Seven Trees Home Garden program comprises of 20 individual home gardeners throughout the southern parts of San Jose. The home garden programs (also including Gilroy) were the first foundational programs starting in 2008 for Valley Verde. Workshops will be taught in English, Spanish and Vietnamese where gardeners will experiment with more ethnic vegetables in their raised beds.



  • Second Street Studio Apartments (Downtown SJ)

Second Street Studio Apartments is a long-term residency for homeless people in downtown San Jose, CA owned by First Community Housing. Valley Verde will install twenty garden raised beds for this transitional housing community. The Home Garden program will be providing hands-on gardening workshops, managing the urban production farm, and training two residents that will assist with the organization of weekly farm stands and community events in the garden for the residents.



Locations in Gilroy, CA


  • Gilroy Home Gardeners

One of the first Home Garden programs was held in Gilroy, CA. The Gilroy Home Gardeners comprise of 25 individual homes and families, in addition to 10 others, who are returning graduates, spouses, children, and mentors supporting the new group of gardeners. The Gilroy workshops are bilingual in English and Spanish.


  • Plum Tree West (Gilroy)​

Plum Tree West located in Gilroy is a 62 affordable apartments for active seniors or disabled individuals. The community garden on sites gives seniors a chance to maintain an active lifestyle and grow their own produce. Workshops are conducted in English, Spanish and Mandarin, with the help of a Chinese translator. Many residents have saved seeds from their homeland and grow their favorite Asian vegetables.


  • Sobrato Apartments (Gilroy)

The Sobrato Apartments are 25 units of affordable housing for special needs clients with a 24-7 on-site manager. The Home Garden program works with the residents as they have eight raised beds for their use.


  • Wheeler Manor (Gilroy)

Wheeler Manor is a 109 unit affordable housing development for senior citizens. Along the entire property, there is a wheelchair accessible path. This gives residents who are disabled a chance to be in the garden and work in half barrels along with other residents. The Home Garden program of 16 gardeners with workshops that will be taught in English and Spanish.


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