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The community greenhouse

The greenhouse opened May 25th, 2017, on a vacant lot on West San Carlos Street in downtown San Jose.

Valley Verde transformed the lot into a community growing space after City Council unanimously passed an ordinance in December 2016 granting tax incentives to landowners who allow their property to be used for urban agriculture.


Today we grow thousands of culturally preferred seedlings at the greenhouse for use by our Home Gardening families and sale through local nurseries and partners, and at our Finca site.

Examples of crops we grow include okra for Indian and gumbo dishes, epazote for Mexican dishes and herbal teas, and bitter melon and Japanese cucumber, staples in the Southeast Asian cuisine.


The Finca is also a place for learning. Our “Super jardineros” (micro-entrepreneurs) - who are building a home nursery micro-businesses with Valley Verde’s support - use the greenhouse to learn growing techniques and improve their yields.

We also host monthly - donation-based - workshops, planting and composting demonstrations at the space, helping new and experienced gardeners deal with various challenges and share best practices. In these workshops a hands-on training, organic techniques and do it yourself methodology are incorporated.


Join us on building bridges around healthy food.