This vining gourd has a delicious, nutty flavor when harvested young and can be used in both warm curries and cool yogurt dishes (like Raita). It does best when given a strong support or trellis to climb, and to ensure fruiting you can hand-pollinate the flowers with a paintbrush or cotton wand. This variety produces shorter fruits that are 8"to 10" long, but has early maturity and great productivity.

Bottle Gourd - Dhol

SKU: DBG100048
  • Planting: Plant seedlings in fertile in full, direct sun in well-drained soil (can be amended with compost or worm castings 2 weeks before planting) . Space your plants 12 to 24 inches apart and provide a strong, supportive trellis for best results.

    Watering: Water seedlings fequently and deeply when first planted to prevent transplant shock. Once plant is well established, stick to a consistent watering schedule.

    Harvesting: Harvest fruits when they are still young, green, and tender for best results, harvest early and often to encourage fruiting. 

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