This hybrid variety of jointed gourd (also known as hairy gourd or fuzzy gourd) is a lot like zucchini and can be used in a similar manner. This highly vigorous and productive variety produces fruits 8" to 10" long and 2" to 3 " wide. A warm season annual that requires a long, warm growing season.

Jointed Gourd - Fong Show

SKU: FSS100041
  • Planting: plant seedlings 12" to 18" apart in full sun in rich, well-draining soil (can be amended with compost or worm castings prior to planting). Provide a strong trellis and train the young vines to climb in order to maintain a healthier plant that produces straighter fruit. 

    Watering: prevent transplant shock by watering deeply and frequently. Once plant is established, keep soil evenly moist by watering deeply on a regular schedule.

    Harvesting: harvest young fruits when tender by cutting them off of the vine and leaving a 1" stem on the fruit. Harvest early and often for best production. 

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