A beautiful white variety of kohlrabi, with light-green bulbs and leaves. The bulb has a delightful spicy, sweet flavor, and the leaves can be eaten as well in salads or cooked like spinach! The bulb is great roasted, raw, in soups, in fritters, or steamed and used for a variety of dishes!

Best grown in cooler weather, mature at 45-60 days.

Kohlrabi - Duo (6-Pack)

  • Planting: plant seedlings 4" apart in rows 12"-18" apart, in full sun or partial shade, in well-draining soil rich in nutrients and organic matter (can be amended with compost and/or worm castings before planting).

    Watering: keep soil consistently moist, but not waterlogged, to prevent stunting growth.

    Harvesting: harvest the entire plant once the bulb reaches 2"-3" in diameter, by cutting it off at the soil with a sharp knife.


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