This traditional korean melon hybrid variety produces 1.5 lb fruits that are bright orange with light colored stripes and have a crisp and sweet flesh. This plant is grown as a warm season annual, and this variety is particularly resistant to powdery mildew and melon necrotic spot virus. 

Korean Melon - Dae Jang Geum

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  • Planting: plant seedlings 12" to 18" apart in full, direct sun in rich, well-draining soil (can be amended with compost or worm castings prior to planting), provide a trellis and train young vines along it for healthier plants and a better harvest, fruits may need support.

    Watering: water frequently and deeply at transplanting to prevent shock, once established, keep soil moist by watering on a regular schedule.

    Harvesting: harvest when the first sign of cracking appears at the base of the melon stem, cut off the vine and leave 2" of vine on the fruit.