Costata romanesco is an heirloom zucchini type summer squash, and a warm season annual plant. It produces beautiful striped fruit that is best harvested at 5-8" or smaller, while skin is soft and glossy. This variety is also one of the best for growing and harvesting squash blossoms, an ephemeral summer delicacy! Harvest early and frequently to enhance productivity of the plants.

Summer Squash - Costata Romanesco

SKU: CRS100040
  • Planting: Plant in full,direct sun (6 to 8 hours of sunlight) in fertile and well-drained soil, about 12" to 18" apart. It is highly recommended to amend soil with compost before planting into it.

    Watering: Summer squash plants need regular watering to produce large, problem-free harvests. Water thoroughly whenever the top inch of soil is dry.

    Harvesting: harvest fruits when they are about 5" to 8" long, or smaller if you are trying to harvest the flowers. Harvest by cutting the fruit off the stalk of the plant, they more you harvest the more productive your plant will be.