This heirloom variety of watermelon is crisp, has little fiber, is juicy and is so sweet that its one of the favorite All-American watermelons of all time. This variety produces large, gray-green watermelons that are 20-40 lbs in size.

Watermelon - Charleston Gray

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  • Planting: Watermelons require plenty of sunlight and warmth, and if they aren't a bush or dwarf variety, plenty of space for sprawling vines as well. Plant seedlings into a full sun location when weather is consistently warm (70 F - 90 F), they can either be planted in mounded hills 2 ft to 3 ft in diameter, spaced 4 ft to 6 ft apart, or spaced 4 ft apart in rows 6 ft apart. Soil should be rich and well-draining, and it is recommended to amend it with compost prior to planting seedlings in. 

    Watering: Keep soil evenly moist (but not soggy) until melons are about the size of a tennis ball, then water only when the top inch of soil is dry, or the plant looks wilted (please note: wilting is normal on hot days). Stop watering 1 week before harvest, watering only if the plant looks wilted. Avoid overhead watering if possible, as this makes watermelons more susceptible to disease, using a drip system or soaker hose instead, or simply watering underneath the leaves. 

    Harvesting: harvest melons when they turn a dull shade of gray-green, and when the straw yellow/white part of the melon touching the soil turns a creamy yellow. Also look for the tendril closest to the melon to dry out and turn brown. Cut melons off the vine with a sharp knife or pair of pruners, never pull fruit off the vine as this can damage the plant, and leave an inch of stem on the melon, unless you plan on eating it immediately. 


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