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Caregiver Chapter 8

Transplanting & Long Term Care

Section 1: What is transplanting?

Section 2: Finding a new home for your seedling

Section 3: Building a raised bed

Section 4: Caring for your garden outside

‼️ This chapter will require the most supervision from your end! If you do not have a raised bed, planter, or pots at your home already, we will lead you and your child through how to build or find a new home for their seedlings.

Learn about what transplanting is and how to do it

Find/build a new home for their seedlings

Understand how to care for their seedlings until mature plant and harvest

Follow Along with Transplanting

You will be walking your child through this section since finding a new home for their plants requires parent / teacher input and help, especially if your family / school wants to start a garden bed in your home! Explore with your child here: Ch 8: Transplanting

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