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  • Known worldwide for its light brown hue and versatility in Mexican cuisine, this tasty legume is a fine addition to anyone’s garden. The pinto bean is a cultivar of the Peru-native Phaseolus vulgaris, alongside other familiar varieties such as black, navy, and kidney beans. The pinto in particular hails from Mexico, which explains its affinity for arid climates and full sun exposure. For this bush variety, the leaves are dark green and obovate, and the plant as a whole has an 18- to 20- inch height and a 16- to 20-inch spread in its bushy form. Pintos take anywhere from 75 to 100 days or so until they’re ready for harvest, depending on the variety.Once the seed pods turn a dry yellow-tan, start to crack open, and rattle when shaken, that’s when you know they’re ready. Be sure to wait until both the seed pods and the plants are dry prior to harvesting, as this will prevent the spread of disease.

    Legume: Bean - Pinto

    SKU: LBP268
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