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Valley Verde Warriors

Okra, Chili, and Luffa are the Masters of spreading food sovereignty awareness. They are the Valley Verde Warriors and have come in search of fellow food sovereignty stewards! Do you have what it takes? Complete the challenge below to find out!

Valley-Verde_VW-Drawings_VegetableWarriors (1).png

To join the Valley Verde Warriors, Luffa, Okra, and Chili you have to advocate in your community for food sovereignty. In supporting Valley Verde's efforts - you will contribute to spreading food sovereignty in our community.  Complete three of the following tasks to become Valley Verde Warriors:

  • Share 4 Valley Verde social media posts to your page

  • Share a recipe with us including/using one of the products of the Homeland Nursery

  • Volunteer with us for 2 hours

  • Translate a Valley Verde document into your native language

  • Become a seedling subscriber

  • Recruit a new seedling subscriber

  • Make a donation towards Valley Verde’s education or food access programs

  • Sponsor a family garden ($500)

  • Purchase 5 or more seedlings from the Homeland Nursery

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