Creating healthy food access

Valley Verde is increasing the knowledge and skills of families in growing healthy organic vegetables. We help families create raised-bed gardens and provide them with the supplies and infrastructure they need to grow fresh organic vegetables at home for a year or more.

The families are further supported through monthly workshops on organic urban agriculture, nutrition, and sustainability. They also receive one-on-one mentorship from experienced gardeners to ensure a successful harvest.

Currently, we have 3 Shared garden program and 1 home garden programs in San Jose. The programs engage multiple ethnic communities across Santa Clara County.


Since the formation of the Home Garden program in 2011, Valley Verde has helped create over 500 home gardens in SCC and continues to expand its reach with existing and emerging partnerships, which include affordable housing communities, local charter schools, community centers, and senior housing organizations.


10+ Program locations

Classes are delivered at San Jose and Gilroy community centers, community buildings and schools.

100+ families


100+ new families are enrolled every year, and that number continues to grow. 


Home Gardens

Since the formation of the Home Garden program in 2008, Valley Verde has created over 500 home gardens

Classes in

3 Languages

We work with Spanish, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Farsi, Tagalog speaking communities.




After a year of participation in the Home Gardening program, participants are eligible to become mentors through the Deep Roots program. Mentors are trained to provide one-to-one coaching for participants in the Home Gardening program. Deep Roots mentors meet once a month to share best practices and to continue to build their own skills. Each mentor works with 4-5 Home Gardening families supporting the learning experience and inspiring the families to become long term gardeners.