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Valley Verde is committed to Sustainability​

  • Building our community’s environmental sustainability through hands-on organic gardening and education, generating local food sources, and improving habitat for local wildlife; (small changes over time, many individuals, will positively impact the environment, no pesticides, herbicides, habitats for pollinators, water conservation) 

    • Need to do a survey to measure this

  • Improving health as a result of easy access to organic vegetables, increased physical activity through maintaining the gardens, and reduced exposure to toxins; 

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  • Providing assistance with setting up personal backyard greenhouses for underserved families;

    • 2 Super Jardineros; 10 family members served; impacts the food they consume

    • Promotion of local economy; community resilience, self-efficacy, empowerment; more access to healthy/organic food; we know what is being added to soil

    • Teaching methods to reduce the effects of toxins/pesticides

    • Working with their family members “the message goes further and reach more people”

  • Increasing economic stability by reducing household food expenses and building entrepreneurship and job skills through the Super Jardineros program

  • Fostering a supportive community of environmentally conscious gardeners;

  • Promoting a culturally relevant and responsive food system

    • Providing families preferred/multi-ethnic seedlings not locally available

    • Not generating as much food waste; and composting

    • Increase availability of multiethnic seedlings in the market, promoting organic gardening among a larger community 

  • We discuss the importance of native plants and provide workshops on organic gardening

methods, which include topics, such as composting, water conservation, pest control, and growing vegetables without pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers. 

First bullet point combine

  • We promote growing plants/flowers that host beneficial insects and assist in yielding healthier crops. 

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  • We promote a variety of water conservation techniques by installing raised beds, cover crops, mulching, time to water, rainwater collection, and by using drip irrigation systems.

    • Different ways of conserving water: watering at different times

  • Promoting biodiversity through multi-ethnic and preserving heirloom varieties seedlings

  • Reduce the pollution of the watershed with synthetic fertilizers.

    • Not polluting our gardens, gardeners, and water 

  • Promote a thriving native fauna by eliminating the use of pesticides and herbicides in the garden and using IPM (Integrated Pest Management) strategies

  • Reduce dependency from seed companies by promoting seed saving and the use of organic, true to type, non-GMO, locally produced seeds.

  • Reduce carbon emissions by eliminating the transportation of produce (zero miles food). 

  • Reduce waste by eliminating food packaging and promoting reusing things in the garden (trellises and other structures)

  • Environmental Justice

    • Low-income food insecure communities

    • Least education is happening in these communities

    • Recognize the marginalized group and break the stereotypes about their interest in gardening 

  •  Promotion of healthy green productive gardens in the city 

  • Improve air quality