Creating access

to healthy and culturally appropriate 

food for everyone 


Our mission

Valley Verde is dedicated to building healthy and resilient communities by providing low-income families educational programs, edible gardens, and micro-entrepreneurship opportunities that create food security and lead to self-sufficiency.

What we envision

We envision a Silicon Valley that has reconnected to its agricultural roots and resources, where there is food access and a healthy lifestyle for all.

How we do it

Buy One. Give One.

Our healthy communities are thriving and generating sustainable income by growing seedlings in their backyards and providing others with the possibility of cultivating their heritage food ingredients.

With the purchase of a Valley Verde seedling subscription, you contribute to the empowerment and development of low-income communities in the South Bay, and you provide access to culturally preferred vegetables, environmental education and edible gardens. 

All proceeds from sales are used to fund our community programs. 

 Vegetable Seedlings


Valley Verde

Organic Seedlings are grown at our community greenhouse


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