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Super Sprouts

Inspiring the next generation through the magic of gardening!

Welcome to Super Sprouts! Super Sprouts is a mini gardening kit paired with an online learning library designed for kids. As an all-inclusive multicultural gardening experience for children, the program hopes to inspire a new generation, connected to our food system and our world. 

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Experience the magic of gardening! 
Click on "Super Sprouts" button below to create an account and enter the learning library of curriculum! 
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My daughter is now excited to check on her garden whenever she gets home -it's teaching her responsibility on top of important topics like plant science and agriculture that are not really taught in her school. 

Karen, mom of Frances (2nd Grade)

Started as a collaboration between Stanford design students and Valley Verde, Super Sprouts was born out of the desire to gift the magic of gardening to as many people as possible. With the socio-cultural educational power in learning to grow your own food, we wanted to bring kids to the front of this process. 

The Super Sprouts program features a physical mini garden kit paired with an online learning library. The mini garden comes with rotating multicultural seeds depending on season, in addition to everything you would need to start your own garden including soil, a water pipette, a journal, and more!


Our online learning library walks through how to grow and care for your seeds from germination to eventually harvest. In addition to teaching children to care for their own garden, our educational content covers our food system, food justice, our multicultural world, and sustainability. Realizing the power of plants comes with understanding their context in our world!

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[This garden kit is] an eye-opening and therapeutic way for kids to learn. I think that life is still fast for these kids and this is a way to slow it down a little bit, look around, and understand what's happening around them. As well as to just appreciate nature, plants, and where our food comes from. I think that is an important thing.

Aparna, mom of Tanmay (5th grade) & Mithra (pre-K)

Super Sprouts was designed specifically for children to engage with. Our program is perfect for teachers looking for an already developed curriculum to jumpstart a garden in their schools and parents looking for an educational enrichment activity for their kids or as a way to learn about gardening at home. 

If you are interested in discovering the magic of gardening with your children, the Super Sprouts program is currently for sale on our website! For schools, teachers, or other organizations looking to purchase kits in bulk please contact us by email:

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I think that the biggest takeway is that there are people ​ behind this food. That when it rains or there's a drought, there is an impact on the farmers and their lives and then eventually it will impact us. 

Leith, dad of Taro (1st grade)

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