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Enjoy a healthier lifestyle, fresh, and affordable vegetables.

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Our vision is a more productive and sustainable community where low income families can enjoy a healthier lifestyle through daily access to fresh, affordable organic vegetables.

To achieve this, our mission is to promote the widespread cultivation of organic home vegetable gardens, in order to encourage healthier eating and address food insecurity—that is, the state of being without reliable access to food that is healthy and affordable—in Santa Clara Valley.

Our History

FINAL! Open House Ad


Thank you to all who were able to attend our grand opening on the 23rd of September! We enjoyed spending time with all you lovely people who graciously came to support us. Please come visit soon!

If you were unable to attend, don’t worry, there will be plenty more opportunities to spend time at our Finca in the future.



Grand Opening of Valley Verde’s new 11,000 sq foot site, Valley Verde will grow vegetable seedlings in their newly installed greenhouse, offer workshops on organic gardening, a demonstration garden and space to build raised beds for our home garden program

Valley Verde is the first urban agricultral organization to use The Urban Agricultural Incentive Zones Act (AB551), a policy allows urban agricultural organization to lease land from private landowner for food production at a lower cost. Valley Verde’s mission is to develop and support programs that improve the health of Santa Clara County residents and empower them with the knowledge and skills to provide locally grown, organic vegetables for their families and communities. We accomplish this by: 1) teaching gardening and healthy eating skills that meet each family’s cultural needs, 2) fostering a sense of community as gardeners, 3) raising awareness of health and environmental issues, and 4) creating leadership and entrepreneurship opportunities to revitalize low-income communities. Valley Verde serves approximately 140 low-income families (645 individuals) each year in San Jose, CA and Gilroy, CA.

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Activities in 2016

89 participants (new gardeners) were recruited in the Home Gardening Project (in 2 new San Jose and Gilroy cohorts), involving a total of 304 family members and 94 children. 25 Participants were recruited in San Jose and 64 in Gilroy. These were the largest cohorts of participants since the programs started in 2011.

Super Jardineros

Since 2012, Valley Verde has worked with families in San Jose and Gilroy, CA, providing them with intensive, year-round support to grow fresh, healthy produce at home. Our flagship Home Gardening program provided over 280 families-in-need with raised-bed gardens and all the supplies they needed to grow organic vegetables at home, along with a full year of workshops about urban agriculture and healthy eating. Now, we are building on the success of the Home Gardening program with our new Super Jardineros apprenticeship, an opportunity for some of our most dedicated gardeners to gain professional-level horticultural skills and generate earned-income for themselves while contributing to the sustainability of this organization.

  • Super Jardineros launched in 2016
  • learning to grow organic vegetable seedlings