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Caregiver Chapter 0

Getting started with your garden

This chapter should be explored first, as your child is opening up the gardening kit for the first time. In it, your child will take stock of all of their materials, formally take responsibility for their garden, and start to think about what it means to take care of plants and living things.

Section 1

Section 1: What’s in your box?

Find an appropriate space in your home or workspace where your child can safely handle their gardening kit. This could be outside, on the kitchen table, or somewhere else with plenty of space. Here, your child may just need some help verifying that all of the necessary materials are accounted for.

IMG_7904 (1).jpg
Section 2

Section 2: Naming your garden!

Your child will be writing their name on our garden name tag + taping it to their box. This will help inspire accountability for their mini garden!


Additional Resources

The original name of our program is Junior Jardineros, taken from the Spanish word for gardener, Jardinero. This is a nod to our program partner, Valley Verde, which runs a gardening micro-entrepreneurship training program called Super Jardineros. While Valley Verde serves many Spanish speaking families in San Jose, they also serve families in Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Filipino communities. Learn more about Valley Verde here!

  • Do you speak another language than English or Spanish? Explore with your child how to say gardener in your native language!

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