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Caregiver Chapter 1

Planting your garden

This chapter explores several lessons & activities in which your child will:


Prepare their soil to begin planting!

Learn about seed growth & plant their seeds!

Get a sneak peek into caring for their garden!

Water their seeds for the first time! 

Find a place in their home for their garden! 

Section 1

Section 1: Prepare your soil

Key activity: Your child will be filling up each compostable cup with soil & placing them back into the gardening box! This activity is best completed outside! The soil might get a little messy....


Your child’s garden should look like this  when they are finished with this section!


Section 2: It starts with a seed…

Key activity: Your child will be sorting their seeds into different types from their seed bag! This will prepare to plant them in the next chapter.

They will also be learning a little bit about what seeds are and gain insight into the plant growth process!

Section 2

Section 3: Plant your seeds

Key Activity: Your child will stick their finger in the soil to create a small hole to place the seeds in. Then they should place 2-3 seeds of the same type in each compostable planting cup!


They will label which seeds they put in each cup using a popsicle stick or the labels we have provided in the kit!

Section 3

Section 4: Water for growth

Create a watering schedule with your child. Watering every other day will ensure your plant has enough water but not too much!

Be sure not to overwater!! Soil should be a little damp, but not too wet.


Talk to your child about:

  • Which seed type they think will sprout first?

  • What they are feeling now that their seeds are planted?

  • Have them show you their drawings about what they think their plant will look like in 3 weeks!

Section 5: Find a home for your garden!

The garden needs to be indoors with access to 6+ hours of sunlight per day!

  • Growing seeds indoors ensures they will not get too hot

  • Plants respond to your energy, be sure to place somewhere they can get a lot of love 

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