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This chapter explores several lessons & activities in which your kids will:


Learn about climate change and sustainability

Explore ways to positively impact climate change through their gardening

Engage with ways to practice sustainability at home, such as actively composting

Section 1

Section 1: How Your Garden Helps Fight Climate Change

Key Activity: Talk to your child about climate change, and what your own thoughts, feelings, and opinions are! Encourage them to watch the videos and to connect with their garden as not just plants in their home, but a garden that helps their environment around them.

Section 2

Section 2: Organic Gardening

Key Activity: Help your child use an organic gardening practice, such as mulching or water conservation, to help elevate their garden and their connection to sustainability.

DIY Projects for a home garden:


Section 3

Section 3: How Do I Compost?

While your child can learn a lot from reading, composting is a very accessible activity that is best learned by watching and then doing!

Key Activity: Watch the fun, educational composting videos and help your child engage with composting. If you don’t already compost in your home, set up a composting bin! If you already compost, have your child practice thinking through what should or shouldn’t be composted.

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