This variety of Chinese eggplant is a beautiful addition to any garden. With it's lavender colored fruits, velvety green foliage, and light colored blooms, it not only brings productivity, but beauty to your garden as well! Plant it to enjoy its slender fruits in stirfries, stews, curries, and much more!

Eggplant - Ping Tung Long (Heirloom)

SKU: CE100011
  • Planting: Plant 18 to 24 inches apart in fertile and well-drained soil under direct sun (soil can be amended with compost or worm castings 2 weeks before planting). Mulching is recommended to keep soil moisture and control weeds, for increased heat and production in cooler climates, place eggplants in a greenhouse or under warm row cover.

    Watering: water plants deeply and frequently after transplant to avoid shock, once well established, water regularly.

    Harvesting: Harvest eggplants when skin is glossy and thumbprint will not leave an impression. Harvesting regularly increases production.