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A productive Japanese variety of mustard that is versatile and has a delicious mustard flavor. Produces large deep red leaves that can be harvested at any stage of growth for different uses in the kitchen.

Mustard: Red Giant Japanese

  • Planting: place seedlings 8"-10" apart in rows 18"-24" apart, in full sun or partial shade, in well-draining soil rich in nutrients and organic matter (can be amended with compost and/or worm castings before planting).

    Watering: keep soil evenly moist to avoid stunting growth or intense bitterness. 

    Harvesting: harvest at any stage of growth - baby leaves for salads and sandwiches, or large, mature leaves for pickling, juicing, or cooking.  In fall, harvest after a light frost as this improves flavor. Avoid harvesting leaves after the plant flowers, but you can harvest the flowers and use them in salads when this happens.

  • Sow depth: 1/2 in

    Plant spacing: 12 in-24 in

    Row spacing: 12 in-24 in

    Sun: Full sun

    Temperature: 55 F-70 F

    Water needs: Water regularly 

    Days to maturity: 17 days

    Maturity spread: 12 in-18in

    Maturity height: 12 in-18 in

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