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This variety of thyme is a great addition to your mediterranean garden and meals. Grows as a perennial and is a solid addition to your herb garden.

Herb: Thyme

  • Planting: once all danger of frost has passed and soil temperatures are consistenly between 65°F and 70°F , plant seedlings in full sun or partial shade, 12" to 24" apart, in well-draining soil in the ground, raised beds, or in a pot or container at least 8" deep.

    Watering: water regularly, but do not let the plant sit in soggy soil as this is a mediterranean plant and it thrives in mild drought conditions. When watering, aim to water deeply once the soil has dried out thouroughly as this promotes strong root growth. 

    Harvesting: harvest leaves as needed by snipping whole, tender stems off the plant, leaving behind woodier stems. The more you trim your thyme the more it will grow. 

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