Kabocha squash is a winter squash that is grown as warm-season annual, transplant it into your garden after the last frost has occurred, and the vining plant will grow over the summer, producing 3-3.5 lb green squashes for harvest in fall that can be eaten and stored all winter long. This is a variety that was created in North Dakota as a replacement for sweet potatoes, and has an exceptionally mild, sweet flavor and creamy texture.

Winter Squash - Buttercup Kabocha

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  • Planting: Plant in direct sun (6 to 8 hours of sunlight) in fertile and well-drained soil, about 18" to 24" apart in rows spaced 6' apart. Can be trained up a trellis, but ensure that fruits are supported so that they do not damage vines as they grow in size and weight. 

    Watering: water frequently and deeply after transplanting to prevent shock. Once established, keep soil moist by watering deeply on a regular schedule.

    Harvesting: Harvest fruits once they are full size, have a deep color, and the skin can't be easily dented with a fingernail. To harvest, cut stem at least 2" from the fruit. After harvesting, cure your squash by keeping it in a warm (preferably sunny) and dry location for at least a week (10 days is better) before cooking or storing it. Once cured, store in a cool, dark place (will last about 4-5 months).