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This chapter explores several lessons & activities in which your child will:


Learn about food systems and how food travels from farm to table

Learn about food deserts and why they matter

Be introduced to food justice and how they can support it

Understand how Valley Verde fits into food advocacy in the Bay Area

This chapter dives into more complex social topics around food systems and food justice. We encourage you to have open conversations with your kids as they engage with these topics in a curious way.

Section 1

Section 1: Where Our Food Comes From

Key Activity: The main goal of this section is to explore how our food travels from place to place, and to appreciate the broader factors operating our food system.

food system.png

Check your child's work - The hands-on activity for this lesson is for them to draw a diagram of the way their food system works in their head. Use the diagram above to help them check how they did!

Section 2

Section 2: What is a Food Desert?

Key Activity: Exploration! This lesson will encourage your child to explore what food deserts are and the harmful impact food deserts can have on communities through engaging readings and video. 

Have a conversation

Do you have any personal connections to food insecurity through personal experience, family, friends, work, or otherwise? Having an open conversation about these real issues with your child can help them become mindful members of their community and grow an appreciation for their own food and wellbeing.

Section 3

Section 3: Our World & Me

Key Activity: Support Food Justice!

This section explores the concept of grassroots support for communities and food justice. Based on your and your child’s interests, you can support this exploration through visiting a local farmer’s market, supporting community gardens, or volunteering at a food pantry or with organizations like Valley Verde.


Section 4: The Mission of Valley Verde

Key Activity: Learn About Valley Verde, a Gardening Non-Profit right here in San Jose!


🤝 Volunteer!
Children + Families

Valley Verde has opportunities for everyone to have fun, learn something new, and be a part of our revolution of food justice and sustainability!

Do you enjoy gardening but don't have the space or time to grow your own vegetables? You can volunteer at the Homeland Nursery and:

  • Engage with the community

  • Expand your organic gardening knowledge

  • Give back to the community and promote fair access to healthy and culturally preferred food in Santa Clara Valley.

  • Obtain working experience and community service hours

🌱 Buy Seedlings or Donate!

Valley Verde not only teaches families the skills to grow a healthy vegetable garden - they also grow their own high-quality, culturally-preferred seedlings at their nursery and sell them to the community.

All of Valley Verde’s seedling sales and subscriptions are used to fund their community programs, like their Shared Garden, Super Jardineros, & their homeland nursery.

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