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Caregiver Chapter 5

Plant Growth

This chapter explores several lessons & activities in which your child will:


Understand how plants grow from seed to plant

Learn about pollinators and how they are part of plant growth

Protect their garden from common pests

Section 1

Section 1: Growth Stages

Main stages of plant growth 

Discuss this cycle of growth with your child and ask what stage of growth their mini garden is in now.

1. Seed/germination

2. Seedling

3. Adult plant

4. Flowering

5. Fruit


Key Activity: Your child was asked to imagine what it would be like to be a dandelion seed journeying to its new home! Ask how they got to where they ended up, what the journey was like, and what emotions they were feeling.

Key Term: Pollination! Pollination is the transfer of pollen from the “male” part of the plant to the “female” part. Pollination must occur for the plants to produce vegetables/fruits for harvest! It allows the plant to create seeds to continue to reproduce.

Section 2

Section 2: Protecting against pests

Did you know marigold flowers are a natural pest
When your marigolds sprout, they should
help keep away harmful bugs!

Neem Oil is also a great natural pest deterrent especially
for beetles!

Key activity: Your super sprouts should be checking their mini garden for any sign of pests! The most common one you will encounter when you put your garden outside is aphids.

Aphids are usually drawn to moisture. To help avoid
aphids, you can water your gardens in the mornings.
If you see them on your leaves, (very small white bugs)
you can just rub them off with your fingers.

If you put your garden outside, be aware of local wildlife that might be tempted to eat your garden! This is more likely to occur when your plants start growing flowers and fruit.


Additional resources for protecting against pests ⬇️

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